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Aids for Getting Around

When we get older, our bodies aren’t as young as they used to be and don’t move as well. It’s just a fact of life, however, the life of being older doesn’t have to be a hard one. Various home mobility aids and gadgets are making life easier and allowing people to say in their own homes longer.

Examples of this include in-home nursing care to help with transportation and provide a set of younger hands around the house, as well as smaller things like pill boxes, guard rails, and wheelchair accessible ramps.

 Lifts and handrails can be installed in areas like the bathroom, so patients can have support lowering themselves onto the toilet or tub, as well as a simple way to pull themselves back up. Special tub only chairs can be placed in showers to allow the patient to clean themselves, and ramps can be easily placed by the doors of the house to make exiting easier.

Other aids can include color-coded boxes to help them remember when to take pills, simple music players that they can play with a button press, and utensils and cooking supplies that are designed to prevent spills and promote safety in the kitchen.

However, despite the large number of aid products out there, it’s important to remember that one size doesn’t fit all. It really depends on the patient and what they can do, can’t do, and need support with around the house. Getting a professional opinion and customizing a care plan designed for you or your elderly loved one is the best way to ensure everyone walks away happy.

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Then the patient can get the care they need, and be independent and in control much longer, which will do wonders for their mood and sense of self-worth.