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What makes good nursing scrubs?

Scrubs isn’t just the name of a fantastic TV show, but it’s also what medical personnel wear to work every single day. Much like every other uniform, it can be hard to find the right one that completely fits you.

Every scrub, especially the high end scrubs, must be three things. It needs to be breathable and have good material, it needs to fit well, and needs to be comfortable and stylish. Nursing jobs have many responsibilities, especially if the job takes them out of the hospital and to a stay at home patient’s home.

high end scrubs

The material should be water resistant, and it should make you feel good no matter what you are doing.  Whether you are taking a patient on a walk around the block or helping them with their medicine, the scrubs shouldn’t get in your way or feel like a hindrance.

If scrubs rip or tear when you are doing your job, then they aren’t the ones for you. While most nurses do have three or four sets of scrubs, they should be designed to last because they are being worn every single day.

Finding scrubs that fit your body like a second skin, easily help you breathe no matter the activity, and last for a reasonably long time is the main checklist when it comes to good scrubs. While it might make your wallet a little lighter, it won’t completely break the bank.

Spending some extra money for your own comfort will feel better when you realize you are wearing them every day, and just like everything else in the world there are coupons and savings on scrubs. The next time you are out looking for a new pair of scrubs, be sure to run through the checklist and spend a little more.

Your body will thank you.