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Legal Implications Of Hazmat

In most cases, due to the size of your business and the number of employees you have on site, and especially due to the nature of your business, it is mandated that you enter into a contract of regular hazmat training. If this is not yet being initiated by a state or federal authority, it has already been set in motion via the regulatory industrial standards set up by your relevant sector. In accordance with the US Department of Transportation’s Title 49, regular hazmat training is mandated in numerous instances.

The US DOT’s Title 49 CFR is directed at non-bulk packaging processes and the use of intermediate bulk containers whereby hazardous materials may be packaged and stored or used during the packaging processes. All staff that attend the hazmat training workshops are receiving expert training from qualified and licensed handlers. Numerous subjects are covered during these training workshops.

These include safety training, familiarization training and function specific training. The workshops are in-depth and detail oriented. In terms of the above-noted Title 49, part of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), ‘initial and recurring training is required’. It needs to be carried out every three years. This directive applies to any company that handles hazardous materials. Ignorance of this directive could lead to serious civil and/or criminal financial penalties. At the time of penning this note, the fine was as much as 50,000 USD. 

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Never mind the tentacles of the law ensnaring you should you be caught off guard, ignoring this requirement. The consequences of ignoring regulations could be even greater. Just remember that not only is your hazmat training attendance designed to protect your customers and the public, it is going to be protecting your business as well, mainly on the financial side.